Becoming a Coastal Source Certified Dealer could be a great decision for your business. Unlike most manufacturers, we sell only through our trained Dealer network—this ensures that our best-in-class products are installed to outperform and outlast others, and that our dealers can earn sustainable profits by committing to excellence. Only Certified Dealers qualify for their projects to be covered by Coastal Source Lifetime Warranty for residential outdoor lighting systems.


Our products and systems are the best in the marketbut we need top-quality Dealer partners to design, install and maintain those systems to ensure outstanding results for clients. Coastal Source is not for everyone, and our intense commitment to training and investment in our dealers means that we pass on far more applicants than we approve. Does your company service high-end clients who can afford, and appreciate, quality? Do you gravitate toward selling elite-level products and solutions, as opposed to selling price-point solutions with average performance? Do you have an internal Champion who can commit to making Coastal Source a consistent part of your business offerings? Do you believe that, with strong support, you could sell at least $25,000 in Coastal Source products per year? If so, please complete the following online application form.





If your application is approved, you will be provided with the dealer agreement and demo kit order form to complete the next two steps:

  • Complete & return signed dealer agreement

  • Buy a Demo Kit – Our demo kits are an essential part of selling Coastal Source to your clients. It is required that you purchase $1,000 minimum per product category that you plan on selling. We have many demo kit packages available to suit your specific needs.

  • Click here for a helpful checklist for dealer onboarding.


Once these two steps are completed, we will immediately provide the support necessary for you to start selling and installing Coastal Source systems. However, you will only qualify for our Lifetime Warranty once you complete the training requirements necessary to become a fully Certified Dealer. As long as a Dealer becomes certified within 6 months of the installation date, the outdoor lighting systems will be retroactively covered under the Lifetime Warranty policy. We will send you information on Coastal Source University as soon as you have been approved as a dealer.​​


Please get in touch with your local rep or contact our Dealer Relations Specialist, Adam Torgun, if you have any questions about becoming a dealer.