Plug the connectors together, twist closed and you have made an air and watertight connection. It's that simple!

“Simplification is the ultimate Sophistication”

Leonardo Da Vinci

The Coastal Source patented Coastal Connector™ is a revolutionary system that makes designing, installing, and maintaining our outdoor audio and lighting systems a snap.


Connections are the #1 cause of failure in outdoor systems. Coastal Connector™ provides the most reliable way to make connections. Coastal Source has eliminated the need to cut, waterproof, and splice wire in the field. Now it is quick and easy to create a connection that is totally weatherproof, saving labor costs and allowing more of the system cost for the best quality materials and components.


Save time and money, from the power source through to the last fixture. Simply place your fixtures in the desired locations, lay out the appropriate length of cables, connect them, bury the cable and enjoy! That’s it.


Want to add a few fixtures or eliminate some? No problem. Thanks to the Coastal Source Coastal Connector™ system you can easily modify your outdoor systems with just a few twists. The Coastal Source Coastal Connector™ is the most essential component of these truly reliable and enjoyable outdoor systems that will grow with you and your garden.