The Right Tools to

Help Maximize Profits

Have the parts and pieces so you don’t have to worry about missing

an adapter or Allen Key or set screw during your Coastal Source installation. 

Published August 29, 2019

Updated: August 29, 2019

Completing regular maintenance is the best way to keep Coastal Source systems performing their best. Additionally, performing this service allows for recurring revenue opportunities through maintenance agreements. Having the right tools, parts and pieces is essential to maximize time and profits when performing on-site maintenance.

Coastal Source fixtures and cabling systems are designed for simplicity, profitability and speed of installation. While maintaining these products in the field the same rules need to apply. Missing parts or components could require increased time in the field or lead to multiple site visits- impacting the bottom line. In an effort to help avoid this the Dealer Tool Kit was created. 

Found under the Replacement Parts section of the dealer website, the Dealer Tool Kit offers a selection of the most commonly requested replacement accessories used during regular maintenance. Also included are the necessary tools for adjusting fixtures and removing speaker grills. 

Having these tools and components in one kit helps to avoid losing small parts or arriving to the job site missing a required tool. The Dealer Tool Kit was created with direct feedback from our network of Coastal Source Certified Dealers. 

Be better prepared for the unexpected with the Coastal Source Dealer Tool Kit.

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