Now is the time to schedule a visit with your clients to ensure their lighting and audio systems are looking and sounding their best!

Published May 22, 2019

Updated: May 30, 2019

While Coastal Source lighting, audio, and cabling products require substantially less upkeep than conventionally installed systems, some maintenance is still recommended to sustain optimal performance and reliability. With summer approaching, clients will be investing more time in their outdoor entertaining areas, so now is the time to schedule a site visit to ensure their lighting and audio systems are looking and sounding their best.

While on-site, you’ll want to re-align path lights, prune tree or shrub growth blocking any fixtures and adjust tree mounts and above-ground cabling. Take notice of growth patterns within the landscape and, where necessary, suggest upgrades of risers and or additional fixtures to complement the design. Don’t forget to verify the operation of photocells and timers and clean fixture lenses to ensure maximum light output. If enjoying music while on-site through our Bollard speakers, remember to remove the grills and wash out any trapped dirt and debris.


When finished, always review your completed maintenance items with the client to reinforce the value of your visit.

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