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The Coastal Source Family History

Updated: May 7, 2018

Our family, our company, our passion for excellence was born in the Florida Keys. Originally, the focus was on coastal living. Now our coastal tough outdoor products and systems are available to improve the quality of outdoor life from coast to coast—and all points in between.

Inspired by Necessity

Founded in 2003 in Marathon, Florida, Coastal Source is the latest in a family of companies created by the D’Ascanio brothers. The brothers merged their original companies with expertise in design, construction, landscaping, and high-end electronics to create one multifaceted lifestyle company.

Together they are D’Asign Source, the award-winning turnkey design-build firm specializing in waterfront estate properties. The formation of Coastal Source was inspired by the firm’s

need for superior products.

The Trouble With Paradise

Although living and working in the Keys is paradise for people, homes and gardens and plants pay the price. Buildings and garden soils are subject to the corrosive effects of UV radiation, high humidity, and wind-borne sand and salt. With more than 50 years of design and construction experience in the Keys and Caribbean, the D’Asign Source team fully understands the challenges presented by coastal conditions.

Since D’Asign Source maintains many of the estates it designs and builds, it has for years had the advantage of collecting feedback on product performance directly from clients, designers, and installers.

Unable to find building products that could reliably live up to their promise, they began to experiment. They set out to design and ultimately manufacture their own products to exceed industry standards and defy the harsh coastal elements.

Their goal was to bring together all the products and systems necessary to produce the ultimate turnkey, low-maintenance coastal home. Superior construction techniques, durable architectural details, and hardy landscape plants are the hallmark of every project.

Passion Drives Innovation

The brothers invested in the staff and testing equipment needed to support their vision of becoming an industry leader. After years of extensive research and experimentation, they finally had the technology and methodology to produce a full line of truly coastal quality products. But how would they manufacture, promote, and distribute these superior products and systems? It turns out that family would again provide the answer.

Shared Values

The D’Ascanios reached out to long-time clients and respected friends, the Zimmermann family. The Zimmermanns shared the D’Ascanios’ vision of bringing superior products to coastal homeowners. Their multifaceted family business in New Jersey, the Artcraft Group, had over 50 years of built-in capabilities and experience in manufacturing, assembly, distribution, web, and sales. Together, the two families built Coastal Source into a world-class company.

The superiority of Coastal Source outdoor lighting and audio systems today is the natural outcome of years dedicated to research and innovation aimed at surpassing accepted standards of quality.

Coastal Source products and systems are available now through our network of certified dealers who are dedicated to the Coastal Source standards of excellence.

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