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Wiring Installation

Fixture Preparation
The beauty of all Coastal Source light fixtures is that they are all ready to install. Right out of the box. No special tools are required.


Low voltage cable only requires a six inch burial and can be run without conduit. Since the connection is the number one cause of failure in electrical systems, our specially designed, patented Coastal Connector ensures that nothing will infiltrate your landscape lighting system.

Running Your Cables

The Coastal Source lighting system eliminates the need for in-field splice connections and complicated instruction. Simply lay out the desired lighting design and use the appropriate waterproof cables to connect the system. When using Coastal Source fixtures and our patented Coastal Connector system you can rest assured that you have air and water tight connections that will keep your landscape lighting free from corrosion and failure.

Let There Be Light

After installing your Coastal Source landscape lighting system, install the appropriate LED bulbs. Halogen bulbs may also be used, but make sure to calculate total load to prevent exceeding the 150 watt limit per transformer output.

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