Though only in his current position for a year, Dave has been a member of the Coastal Source family since 2016. With a sharp and watchful eye, nothing escapes his easy-going but disciplined supervision. Always in the trenches, Dave knows that working with the whole team is the best path to greatness. More leader than manager, Dave ensures that the flow of operations and distribution through our warehouse stays fast, efficient, and up to the quality standard Coastal Source stands for.

You probably won’t meet him at a party - he’d much rather be at home, going nuts with his 2 dogs as they play and relax together. He’s a big Seinfeld fan, though, so toss out your favorite line when you see him; he’ll know the exact episode you’re referencing. A movie buff as well, Dave loves intense drama backed by a great script: classics like Das Boot and The Deer Hunter are top picks in his library.