After 9 years (and counting), Jason has worked on nearly every facet of Coastal Source. That broad experience puts him squarely at the helm for several teams. Managing the customer service, tech development, and dealer resources teams, Jason provides direction and leadership for all our communications. He can also jump on a call to provide advanced tech support, put the finishing touches on our packaging designs, and create new training programs - all before clocking out for the day. You’ll run into him on the training and trade show trail as well, where he contributes as both a creator and presenter of numerous training sessions and trade show expos.

Music plays a big role in Jason’s life. A musician himself, Jason believes there is no greater feeling than getting on stage and connecting with an audience. There’s always music playing in his home, whether from his instruments, his turntable, or his various speaker systems. Still, he loves discovering new interests and starting new hobbies. Traveling is a pastime Jason particularly enjoys, and can happily share numerous stories of his past trips near and far. As of now, he’s planning to begin an era of RV camping with his wife: exploring the Rocky Mountains, state forests, and other natural wonders the U.S. has to offer. Be careful if you ask him about bourbon, as you will probably hear much more than you asked for.