As the CEO, Harold works side by side with President Franco D’Ascanio to make sure that CS is financially sound and well positioned for future growth. Innovative new products, the lifeline of the future, are analyzed by Franco and Harold with regard to tooling, manufacturing costs, and marketing. Decisions are made jointly that are consistent with the strategic vision of CS.

Harold greatly enjoys being part of a family business. Even though Coastal Source was built by both the D’Ascanio family and the Zimmermann family, years of partnership and mutual trust have turned two families into a single, united Team Coastal Source. When away from work, Harold enjoys the outdoors as much as possible. Boating, fishing, and water skiing are his top hobbies, but he also busies himself as a collector of the Chevrolet Corvette, and loves to take one out for a spin any chance he gets. More important than business or hobbies, though, is Harold’s family. A family focused husband and father, all else for Harold is secondary.